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          CDC Business Center is managed and operated by C.D. Asset Company Limited, providing various rental spaces which meet the international standard quality. We cover all requirements of customers, whether it is offices, warehouses and mutipurpose spaces for short-term activities, starting from an area of 100 sqm at an affordable price.


          CDC Business Center is located at Tha Sala Sub-District, Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai Province with an area of more than 16,500 sqm in a convenient location. There are many routes which can be easily accessed from Chiang Mai 700th Anniversary Sports Complex Road and Superhighway Chiang Mai–Lampang. The main aspect of the project is next to Chiang Mai 700 Anniversary Sports Complex Road, near the Si Bua Ngoen Phatthana intersection or the intersection of Promenada Resort Mall, connecting routes to Chiang Mai Provincial Government Centre, Chiang Mai Airport, San Kamphaeng District and Lamphun Province, ensuring business convenience with no problem during rush hour and reducing the problem of travel time limitations for heavy vehicles. There are also more than 130 car parks, which can accommodate both small vehicles and heavy vehicles.


          Besides, we are close to department stores, minimarts, fresh markets, restaurants, hotels, Chiang Mai Provincial Highway Police Station and petrol stations in this location.

          CDC Business Center does not only provide rental spaces, but also prioritises the safety of customers, therefore, we have prepared 24-7 security system, security cameras, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, and high pressure hoses to be ready for any emergency situations.

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